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    Comments: I have been getting hip x-rays since 1974. As a child I had Leg Perthes Disease. I was one of the first patients to have a new and developing operation by Dr. Krammer out of Newport Beach. After mutliple operations as a child I still had hip issues. Those issues became worse as I got into my 50's. I could no longer do sports that I enjoyed, I was in much pain on regular walks, and everytime I visited my medical group during those years the two orhopedic doctors and prior orthopedic doctors said that my hips were deformed but fine and I would not be a candidate for hip replacement surgery. My left hip was deteriorating fast and I went back to my primary doctor and she referred me to Dr. Kadri. My first meeting with Dr. Kadri he listened to my story and without missing a beat he said I was a candidate for having both hips replaced and he would be able to do the operations. I was shocked. It took me a moment. I then shared my concerns about how deformed my hips were and how shallow my hip sockects were. He agreed and then stated that is why no other doctor would touch your hips because the nature of the condition of your irregular hips, but he was steadfast in his confidence that he would be able to conduct the operations. His confidence led me to have my left hip replaced this June 12th, 2023. Dr. Kadri had to think outside the box to create a hip sock and femur ball that would correct the postioning of my deformed hips. For the first time he combined two different hip vendors to create a sturdy and funcitoning hip socked and femur ball. My wife and I were in tears during our follow up appointment because we found a doctor that did what he said he would do with kindness, compassion, and with unbelievalbe talent. I would recommend Dr. Kadri to all those that have been told it can't be done, or in my case, the doctors couldn't preform an opperation but would not tell me that they could not do it. The best part is that although I have so many scars on my hips he was able to go in ANTERIOR!! My recovery will progress so much better because he avoided the posterior operation!

    Honestly, Dr. Kadri, you saved me from being in pain and in my case eventually being in a wheelchair, and not being able to chase after my grandchildren around that I love to do. I look forward to my right hip replacement in the future!
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