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    Comments: Dear Dr. Omar Kadri, I am writing to sincerely say I can’t thank you enough for the special, excellent care you have provided me and your unique gift you are to your patients. I am blessed that you are my doc! Thank you so much for the great care and surgery you performed on me. You did absolutely amazing work on my knee after two previous failed total knee replacement surgeries. From our initial appointment, you have demonstrated everything and more than I ever could have imagined. I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery and I am so grateful to you and I would highly recommend you to anyone that has orthopedic issues. Thanks also to all your wonderful staff members for their patience with all my questions and support for all my concerns.You have forever improved and changed my quality of life. Your masterful work, expertise and skilled hands brought me through a very challenging “revision” surgery, and your caring heart, compassionate words healed my spirit and helped me face it without fear. Surgeons like you are not only Doctors, but real life changers. I am well on the road to recovery, thanks to you. I’ll always remember your kindness and professionalism! You are the best and I most definitely recommend you.

    Sincerely and forever grateful,

    Deborah F. Childs


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